About Us

Our Mission
  • To adopt the safest recruitment guidelines and procedures with commitment and compassion to care

  • To match and assess the needs of the individuals concerned with caregiver’s experiences for greater outcome of service delivery.

  • To offer care, compassion, good communication skills, competencies, commitments and collaborate to support families , patients in their comfort homes, in the communities such as care homes and respite homes.

Our Aim
  • Work in line and with consideration to policies in place for an effective and efficient result outcome

  • Promoting independence of patient with respect while maintaining dignity

  • Achieving excellent care services

Our Commitment
  • Flourish advanced care limited is committed to promoting and safeguarding of adults and referring their care needs where necessary where positive decisions will be met to maintain the activities of patients daily living.


Caring Nurse Helping Senior Woman in Retirement Home

About Us

Flourish Advanced Care Limited provides domiciliary care to community members in their homes. We provide dignified, respectful, and compassionate personal care to service users to achieve the best results for our customers. We will focus on providing dignified and gratifying care based on the individual’s needs and routines.
We’ll make care plans with service users in charge and involved (or their appointed representative if applicable). After getting to know the person, we will jointly create a care plan that includes their likes and dislikes, routines, preferred carers, and more.
The individual’s daily routines will be monitored to limit and/or manage changes within each period of care. We’ll protect the person’s dignity and worth. If the person prefers a bath over a shower, breakfast before a bath, medication after personal care, etc., we will customise their care plan. Care plans will be flexible enough to accommodate changes in the individual’s circumstances or their expressed wish for safe and risk-assessed alterations.


Kindness builds genuine relationships

Genuine relationships are at the heart of great care. By fostering in our homes, a genuine kindness that comes from the heart, we build real connections between our colleagues, Residents and their family and friends.

Kindness makes every moment count

Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, but of moments. We believe an ethos of kindness and genuine caring ensures these moments are happier, and makes all of our journeys easier.

Kindness creates a sense of belonging

Home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. Feeling happy, feeling valued and respected, feeling as if you can be yourself. Kindness enables everyone to feel appreciated and understood, which in turn makes them feel safe and secure – a part of the family.

Kindness makes everyone feel at home

As a kind company, we open our doors to friends, family, neighbours and local people, offering kindness and support and enriching the lives of our Residents. 

Your Care is Our Priority