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Our specialised services ensure that all of our clients receive attention and assistance suited to their individual requirements. Services of Care with a Difference

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Home Care - Domiciliary

Our home care service assists with bathing, dressing, and bedtime. We tailor a Personal Care plan to your needs and preferences, whether it's personal cleanliness or catheter changes. Our professionally trained Care Workers always provide compassionate, sensitive, and respectful care.

Companionship Care

Companion care is different for each person. We can help you find someone to hang out with at home or to go out with. Companion care is based on your needs and where you are in life. For example, hobbies and activities, social events, running errands, managing household tasks, etc.

Live-in Care

When you decide that Live-in Care is the best option for you, it is our responsibility to find a carer who meets your needs and whom you enjoy having around. All of our Live-in Caregivers are well-trained and possess the necessary disposition to care for you. Our specialised Live-in teams are comprised of highly experienced individuals that can provide you with undivided attention.

Respite Care

Respite care refers to any sort of care provided when a primary carer takes regular breaks from the individual they regularly care for. The care is still delivered in the individual's residence; the only difference is the carer. Our respite care is for regular assistance – provided at home by our professional carers.

Dementia Care

We can help with dementia symptoms and needs. To build trust, we treat all clients with compassion, respect, and patience. We establish a professional connection to learn medical needs, habits, and preferences to create a personalised dementia care plan. Our crew is trained to recognise mood and behaviour changes and respond quickly to alleviate discomfort.

Rehabilitation Services

We developed a goals-based assessment for rehabilitation and wellness. Discharge preparation is crucial since returning home from the hospital can be scary. To ensure a safe discharge, we lead the integration of family, friends, and experts to ensure the client's requirements and interests are constantly reviewed and prioritised. This reduces hospital re-admissions and speeds up and ensures client recovery.

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